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Poll: Testing on Biden’s Pause of Methane Pollution-Causing Development
League of Conservation Voters
In communications about President Biden’s pause on liquefied natural gas (LNG) export projects, voters are most swayed by messaging about health. The most effective and convincing way to talk about this pause is in the context of the pollution risk methane gas facilities pose and the health consequences from them. While other frames are still useful, the pollution-focused message was chosen overall and by virtually all subgroups as the best message on the topic. The “health message” read as follows: “President Biden just paused the development of new methane gas facilities because they would pump toxic pollution into the air, putting more people at risk for getting sick with illnesses like respiratory.” That message was the top ranked overall with it being picked 58% of the time by respondents. It was the top among women (59%) and men (57%), the top among people under 30 (58%) and over 65 (58%) and the top among Black voters (57%), Hispanic voters (56%), white voters with a college degree (60%) and white voters without a college degree (57%).