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Poll: Voters Across Four States Show Broad Support for Clean Energy, Carbon Removal
Meshal DeSantis. National Wildlife Federation

Voters widely support carbon dioxide removal (CDR) projects in key states where they are being considered, and see improved air quality as the clearest benefit of these projects. While voters aren’t very familiar with CDR, they are inclined to feel positively about the technology. In Wyoming, for example, NWF and Data for Progress find that 57% of voters feel favorably about “carbon dioxide removal technologies” when the term is first introduced in the survey while only 16% have unfavorable attitudes about the term. Large majorities of voters in each state support allowing carbon dioxide removal sites to be built in their state: Colorado – 78% support / 16% oppose; Louisiana – 75% support / 18% oppose; Texas – 78% support / 15% oppose; Wyoming – 68% support / 18% oppose.