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Saving (for) the Planet
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One of our greatest opportunities to advance climate solutions – leveraging the influence of our banking – has been hiding in plain sight. For the average person in the U.S., personal banking may constitute a large source of indirect greenhouse gas emissions. Every US$1,000 a person has in savings is roughly equivalent to the direct emissions generated by flying from New York to Seattle every year. Eleven of the largest U.S.-based banks lend around 19.4% on average – and as high as 30% – of their portfolios to carbon-intensive industries. Moving from a carbon-intensive bank to a climate-responsible bank could reduce the personal banking emissions of an average person in the U.S. by 76%. Switching banks can be a powerful, relatively easy, and affordable climate action. Saving (for) the Planet: The Climate Power of Personal Banking is a new, comprehensive guide to assessing and reducing the climate impact of consumer banking.