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Towards Economic and Climate Justice: A Feminist Analysis of Critical Trends
Feminist Action Nexus

The 21st century has been marked by a series of overlapping crises that accentuate gender inequalities. These include the climate emergency and biodiversity loss to soaring debt levels, escalating inflation rates, and deepening inequality and poverty—all with severe consequences for the rights of women, girls and gender-diverse people. Women and gender-diverse people face disproportionate consequences of neoliberalism and its manifestations in austerity, debt, and an unequal trade regime. In the face of this “polycrisis,” feminist and peoples’ movements are challenging the unrestrained pursuit of profit and economic growth, championing a radical vision for economic and environmental justice. This report highlights the significant gap between the contemporary global order and the vision put forward by the Feminist Action Nexus and our allies. This report assesses progress and challenges in seven key areas, corresponding to our key demands.