Public Resource
We Can Decarbonize Heavy Industry. Here's How.
Evergreen Collaborative and Industrious Labs

Climate pollution from heavy industry has long been deemed "hard-to-abate". That's far from the truth—technological solutions are at hand, and a smart policy agenda can drive industrial decarbonization to put us on track for key climate targets. To get it done, this resource argues that we need to put industry at the center of climate policy and advocacy. For too long, the climate community has left the industrial sector at the bottom of its to-do list. The widespread perception that the sector is "hard to abate"—code for "expensive” and “infeasible”—obfuscates the reality that immediate opportunities to reduce emissions are all around us. Fueled by new federal investments and invigorated commitments to tackle the climate crisis, the U.S. has the chance to clean up the industrial sector while driving growth and uplifting underserved communities. This memo details the policy agenda that the Biden administration, in concert with state partners, must pursue to seize that opportunity.