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Webinar: What advocates can take away from 10 years of surveying "Climate Change in the American Mind"
Climate Advocacy Lab, Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

The "Alarmed" is the largest "Six Americas" segment for the first time. Americans in every congressional district are willing to join a climate campaign, if asked. We still aren't having enough conversations with family and friends about climate change.

10 years of surveys from Yale Program on Climate Change Communication (YPCCC) and George Mason Center for Climate Change Communication (4C) have yielded thousands of data points to help us better understand “Climate Change in the American Mind” – but teasing out actionable insights as an advocate can be challenging.

This webinar helps advocates dig through the data to uncover key climate opinion trends, learn about available tools for visualizing and tracking public opinion, and share examples of how partners have applied these insights to advance campaigns.

Our speakers and contributors included:

  • Joshua Low, Partnership Director at YPCCC
  • John Kotcher, Research Assistant Professor at 4C
  • Eric Fine, Project Manager at YPCCC
  • Parrish Bergquist, Post-Doc Associate at YPCCC