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Yale Climate Opinion Maps 2023
Jennifer Marlon, Emily Goddard, Peter Howe, et al. Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

New Yale Climate Opinion Maps provide updated estimates of Americans’ climate attitudes down to the state, county, metro area, and congressional district levels. While most polling on climate attitudes is conducted at either the national or state levels, Yale’s Climate Opinion Maps utilize national polling data to estimate public attitudes down to smaller geographies – providing advocates with a unique set of data to hold policymakers at various levels of government accountable. In addition to people’s climate beliefs, the tool provides estimates on a range of questions relating to climate impacts (e.g., whether people believe that they will be personally impacted by climate change), policy support (e.g., whether people support funding research into renewable energy sources), and specific actors (e.g., whether Congress, corporations, or a state’s governor should do more to address global warming).