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Getting wins increasingly depends on engaging voters online, using digital advocacy and engagement tools, platforms, and vendor services. Since 2019, State Voices has demo-d over 50 tools for functions such as relational organizing, phone dialing, and online fundraising, and distilled this information into a guide to help progressive organizations navigate a complex digital space and find tools to meet their needs. In this guide, you will find an overview of each tool, including pros and cons, and cost and technical support information, as well as a breakdown of State Voices favorites.    

Research & Articles

Changing the Conversation Together (CTC) is working to create a network of deep canvassers to grow the American electorate into a more inclusive and compassionate one. Deep canvassing is a method of voter engagement that draws on respect and shared experiences to encourage voter turnout. In this report, CTC examines the impact that their deep canvassing had both on turnout and vote choice. They find that CTC canvassing increased the likelihood of turnout by approximately 14%. For low propensity voters, those least likely to turnout, CTC finds that their efforts increased the likelihood that they voted by 25%. They also find that deep canvassing cannot wait until the last minute. These conversations need to be happening often and well-before election day. Advocates interested in making an impact at the polls should consider diverting even modest resources to deep canvassing, particularly for less likely voters.

Solar United Neighbors designed and implemented a low- and moderate-income solar program that empowers D.C. residents to benefit from rooftop and commmunity solar. Lessons learned from the work necessary to build and run an effective program include: Start small, then scale up; Build trust in the community; Leverage key partnerships; Expand customer base through referrals; Work to simplify the process; and Be flexible and creative in the communications process.

Lessons from NYC’s Williams Pipeline battle

Patrick Houston and Pete Sikora, The Forge
Research & Articles

A multi-racial coalition focused on organizing and escalating tactics helped defeat the Williams Pipeline: The Stop the Williams Pipeline coalition won by building, organizing, and activating a large and intense base of opposition targeted at the key decision-maker, Governor Andrew Cuomo.