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Engaging Health Professionals on Climate
Climate Advocacy Lab

Climate change has significant impacts on health outcomes, and health professionals are uniquely positioned to leverage their voice as trusted messengers to engage their colleagues, patients, and communities to take action and shift the public conversation on climate and health.

The Lab ran a Climate + Health Peer Learning Circle, supported by The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, to provide health professionals the necessary skills and tactics — distilled from field experiments, evidence-based insights in social science and learnings from across the climate community— to compellingly communicate about climate change to motivate the public and their colleagues to take action. In this webinar, we will share topline learnings on engaging health professionals on climate and recommendations on climate and health communications.

Attendees were introduced to:

  • The role of health professionals as effective messengers on climate, and the strengths and challenges in engaging them as an audience
  • Strategies and other insights that support health professionals to communicate for climate action to their peers & the public
  • Key recommendations for framing climate and health messages that spark engagement