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Pathways to Power Workshop
Darren Kwong, The Movement Cooperative; Keira Stearns, Analyst Institute; Jack Zhou, Climate Advocacy Lab

How are you measuring your organization’s efforts and advances towards meaningful long-term change? Would you like to begin the process of identifying a unique set of metrics that best suit your organizational goals and power-building strategies?

In this session, Keira Stearns from Analyst Institute and Darren Kwong from The Movement Cooperative will lead a mini-training on using Pathways to Power, an actionable toolkit and framework for organizers and researchers designed to help connect an organization’s broader power-building strategies with concrete and meaningful metrics. Participants will:

• Begin to work through how to link strategies for building long-term power to specific metrics to tell the story of their impact

• Brainstorm ways to build buy-in and momentum within their organization.

This session will be a great introduction for organizations working towards a set of refined and individual metrics that allow for a more nuanced view of their power-building efforts.