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Climate Emotions Wheel

Climate Mental Health Network
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Emotions wheels have long been a valuable tool for psychologists to help people better understand and interpret their feelings.

Climate Doom to Messy Hope: Climate Healing & Resilience

Meghan Wise for UBC Climate Hub's Climate Wellbeing Engagement Network
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Grounded in a commitment to fostering deeper understandings and connections, this theory-to-practice handbook aims to support mindful and proactive navigation of the escalating impacts of climate change on individual and community mental health and wellbeing.

"Proposition Amanecer" Online Premiere and Q&A

Jack Zhou, Climate Advocacy Lab; Miguel Escoto, Monica Chavarria, & Ralph Martinez, Amanecer People's Project
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Join us for the online premiere of the short documentary version of “Proposition Amanecer,” along with a live Q&A with organizer and director Miguel Escoto, organizer and editor Monica Chavarria, and organizer and producer Ralph Martinez. This documentary tells the founding story of Amanecer People's Project through the lens of the 2023 "El Paso Climate Charter" campaign, a community written ballot measure that would have transformed El Paso's economic, health, and energy future.

Environmental Polling Roundup - April 5th, 2024

David Gold, Environmental Polling Consortium
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This post includes climate and environment headlines, data points, and key takeaways from recent public polls - including new polling on extreme weather, climate change, and plastic pollution.



Americans who report experiences with extreme weather are more likely to support pro-climate policies. 62% of Americans support tax credits for families who install rooftop solar or battery storage in their homes. 62% of Americans support increasing investment in energy-efficient forms of public transportation. 60% of Americans support grants to communities to protect them from the impacts of climate change, including drought, heat, and extreme weather. 57% of Americans support forgivable loans for rural communities to improve their energy efficiency.

IMPACT ASSESSMENT: Findings Report (2021 - 2023)

Frontline Solutions and The Solutions Project
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Investments by The Solutions Project (TSP) in climate justice grantee partners delivered large-scale impact in the 2021-2023 period. Frontline Solutions’ analysis found that grantee partners also reported over one million direct program beneficiaries and engaged over 77,000 members in their base-building work in the last three years. TSP grantee partners advance equity-centered climate solutions and systems change. TSP’s unique approach strengthens grantee partners and the climate justice movement ecosystem. Investments in the climate justice movement ecosystem achieve climate impact by shifting power, strengthening democracy, and transforming relationships. Grantee partners deeply value TSP’s field-building ecosystem approach, grant-making and narrative communications strategies, and the additional movement infrastructure support offered through the ecosystem funds.

Environmental Justice Mapping Tool

National Wildlife Federation
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This public mapping tool shows locations in the U.S. of environmental justice areas of opportunity and community assets. Categories include resource extraction, water, public health, climate justice, public transportation, and more. Community assets include organizations, such as Chicago Jobs with Justice, DC Environmental Network, and more.